1. General Questions

Order Status: Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email enabling you to track its progress. Following shipment, another email will be sent, detailing the expected delivery date alongside a tracking link. Alternatively, you can monitor your order's status within the "order history" section of your account page on our website.

Order Changes: Modifications to orders can only be made if they have not yet entered the shipping process. Once an order reaches the "preparing for shipping," "shipping," or "delivered" status, alterations cannot be accommodated. To request changes, please contact support through our Online Chat or by emailing us at: support@lucidshine.co.uk.

Shipping Details: We provide worldwide shipping, with processing typically taking 24 to 48 hours before delivery. Standard shipping times for various regions are available during the checkout process.

2. Payment

Accepted Methods: Our website facilitates payment via debit or credit card, with additional support for PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, and Shop Pay.

Currency: Transactions are currently conducted in GBP, though currency adjustments can be made on the top right of the webpage. Your bank will apply the corresponding conversion rate.

Tracking Packages: Upon order placement, you will receive a confirmation email containing tracking details. Subsequently, an additional email will be dispatched upon shipment, providing expected delivery information and tracking links. Alternatively, you can track your order through your account's "order history" section.

Delivery Protocol: In the event of your absence during delivery, arrangements for a subsequent attempt or alternative delivery method will be coordinated.

Taxation: European deliveries may incur customs taxes, which will be handled by our delivery partners. For further details, please refer to the respective delivery partner's website.

3. Returns

Acceptance Policy: Returns are accepted under specific conditions, including adherence to our online store's sale of the item, its unused condition, and initiation of the return or exchange request within 14 days of delivery.

Return Process: To initiate a return, please contact our Online Chat or email us at: support@lucidshine.co.uk.

Return Fees: Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Please consult our support team for further assistance.

Return Processing: Returns are confirmed within 14 days of the package's receipt at our warehouse, with reimbursements, exchanges, or credits processed within an additional 14 days.

4. Other Inquiries

Warranty Information: We offer a lifetime warranty for products made and sold through our online store, provided they meet specified conditions. For inquiries related to defective items, please contact us via email at: support@lucidshine.co.uk for guidance on the returns process.